Professional Services

Broad Range of Experience in the Retail Petroleum Market

At Woods Consulting our knowledge, insights and instincts have developed over decades of broad experience in the retail petroleum industry. We have worked in large, urban situations, small-town markets, and highway commercial properties. We have pumped gas (and diesel, and propane), washed cars, managed stations, managed networks, designed stores and sites and constructed stations.  We have done financial analyses and made presentations to banks, boards and municipal councils. We have operated in shrinking markets, expanding markets and stagnant ones. We have haggled with large bureaucratic municipalities, and small yet sometimes surprisingly complex ones. We have supervised small renovations and multi-million dollar projects and small and large scale environmental investigations and clean-ups.

When you choose to hire Woods Consulting you get the benefit of this operational expertise and  industry-specialized construction project management experience. With Woods, you can expect your business to perform better and your construction process to go quickly and smoothly.

Expertise for Small Petroleum Retailers

For individual site owners and small network operators, we offer you the benefit of our knowledge, insight and experience. With our background in petroleum marketing, retail operations and construction management, we can perform a market study and a financial analysis, craft a redevelopment plan and budget, design your site and your store, negotiate with your landlord or your supplier, pry development permits from your local municipality, source and hire a petroleum contractor and supervise your construction project.
Simply stated - we are your retail petroleum experts.

The services we offer small and medium size businesses fall into the following four categories:

Resource Support for Larger Organizations

We offer larger organizations resource support that can be called upon at a moment’s notice to manage a special or unexpected project, relieve an overworked team, or fill in for a staff absence. For example, you might need help managing a gas station construction project. Perhaps you have a new image concept to be implemented or you have a complex negotiation upcoming.  You will find we are adept at merging with your existing corporate structure and staff.  We communicate well and we actually listen to our clients.  We come armed with knowledge yet we remain flexible.  We provide an independent and fresh perspective that is unencumbered by corporate dynamics. Our approach is progressive and forward-looking. Woods Consulting staff are as comfortable in the boardroom as in the field.

We commonly assist larger organizations with:



    Redevelopment Advice

    Property Purchase/Financing

    Construction Project Manage

    Special Issue Consulting



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