Special-Issue Consulting Services

Instant Knowledge and Experience at your Disposal

Petroleum Retailers large and small find themselves juggling a large number of important tasks on a regular basis.  When you are short of time or staff to handle all of these tasks well, call on Woods Consulting.

We can advise you behind the scenes, or we can take the lead in:

  • A network review
  • A site or network re-imaging program
  • A new technology roll-out
  • Fuel supplier negotiations
  • Equipment sourcing 
  • Landlord negotiations
  • Resolving regulatory orders

Our proven tools help you with day-to-day management issues such as:

  • Reduction of fuel losses or other shrinkage
  • Rack buying strategies
  • Sales analysis tools
  • Station Staff incentive programs


    Redevelopment Advice

    Property Purchase/Financing

    Construction Project Manage

    Special Issue Consulting



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