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Petroleum retailing has undergone dramatic changes in the last decade.  It is one of the most highly competitive - and increasingly complex - retail industries in Canada.  The neighbourhood gas station has changed forever.  Petroleum marketing and retailing has evolved from a limited-hour, relatively predictable business, to a 24 hour-a-day ever-changing endeavour.  The industry is capital-intense, technologically complex and makes significant management demands on those that participate in it.

Individual site owners, regional network operators and large corporations involved in the retail petroleum industry are all grappling with: 

  • Improved competition

  • Increased reliance on convenience store revenue and food partner alliances for profitability

  • Constantly evolving product offerings

  • Staffing challenges

  • Shrinking fuel margins

  • An increasingly onerous development approval process

Woods Consulting can help.


Our expert staff give proven advice to small retailers on the best way to run their business, market their products or redevelop their property.  We can advise on property purchases and dispositions and negotiate with your suppliers.  We can design a new or renovated site and ensure it is constructed properly yet economically.  For larger organizations we can act as resource support for gas station construction project management or handle a special project that needs to be done now.  


Simply stated - let us be your on-call Retail Petroleum Experts.

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