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How to Run a Gas Station in Today's Environment: the Woods Site Improvement Package

Whether you own and operate a single gas station or small network of branded or independent gas stations, Woods Consulting can help you develop the best possible retail petroleum marketing and operational plan for your business.

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The Woods Site Improvement Package consists of a thorough review of the competitive market in which you operate. We answer questions such as:

  • What are your competitors' strengths and weaknesses?

  • Do your competitors have any redevelopment plans of their own?

  • Are there any new competitors on the horizon?

  • Is your market missing a significant offering?

  • What is the overall economic outlook for your geographic area?

After answering these questions, we look at your particular business:

  • Where do you fit into the overall competitive landscape in your market?

  • What are you doing right?

  • What are you doing wrong?

  • How do your customers perceive you?

  • Are your staff levels and staff quality sufficient?

  • Is your shrinkage under control?  Can it be improved?

  • Are there any weaknesses in your site layout or store layout?

  • Are there management tools you can implement to operate better, or cheaper or, ideally, both?

  • We look at your physical assets and assess their condition.  Are you falling behind the competition in this area?

  • We examine the contracts and relationships you have with suppliers, tenants and/or landlords.  Can improvements be made here?

After answering these and many more questions, we then give you our opinion on logical improvements you can make to your business. Some of our findings may be blunt while others are subtle.  Very often we do not recommend one large change but rather a series of small but effective improvements that, when combined, dramatically affect the profitability of your business.  We truly have a passion for petroleum marketing and we are are serious about making your business as successful as it can be.  If desired, we can include financial projections with our findings to support our opinion.  These projections will be based on conservative, achievable assumptions.  Often, financing agencies look favourably upon a project where a professional consultant such as Woods has been retained to assist the individual business owner.  We have contacts in the financing industry that we can call upon if desired by our clients.


See our Case Studies section on this website for examples of individual petroleum retail outlets and organizations that we’ve helped to maximize their return on investment and improve their business.

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