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Our Purchase Package Walks you Through all the Details of Purchase Due Diligence and Gas Station Financing

The Woods Purchase Package performs the same in-depth site and petroleum marketing review as we offer in our Site Improvement Package but we take it a step further.  Before deciding to buy a gas station a significant amount of due diligence needs to be done.  We interpret zoning reports, environmental reports and property assessments.  We review historical sales and margin data and provide an opinion as to its accuracy.  We perform a pre-purchase inspection and we know what to look for.  We talk with past and present suppliers, contractors and the local municipal officials to gather as much knowledge as possible about the property.  We know the questions to ask.

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In addition, we consider some special risk factors that should be analyzed before buying a gas station or financing a redevelopment.  Some of these are:

  • Has adequate environmental due diligence been done? 

  • Are there any pending road network changes or expropriations?

  • Are there any regulatory changes on the horizon that could affect the property or its petroleum infrastructure?

  • Are there any potential land use issues that could prevent or constrain future development?

After considering all of the above factors, we then provide you with our opinion regarding the viability of the property, possibly suggest improvements and we provide a detailed financial analysis of the present and future business.  Our knowledge and professional opinion ensure you get the best deal possible.

Too often we have seen parties - in their eagerness to buy a gas station - skip critical pieces of due diligence.  This often results in expensive surprises down the road.  We have also seen people pay more than necessary for a property or business out of haste or a lack of local knowledge.  Our decades of expertise will ensure that you avoid surprises and get the best deal possible.


Often the findings we present with respect to a property purchase can be used to support a gas station financing application.  In an increasingly tight credit market, business owners that see the value in hiring Woods Consulting show potential lenders that they take their business very seriously.

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