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Decades of Experience in the Canadian Retail Petroleum Industry

Jim Woods, the principal of Woods Consulting, has been involved in the retail petroleum business for over 40 years.  Just some of Jim’s professional experience includes:

  • Managed networks of stations for three different oil companies

  • Developed and supervised more than one-hundred gas station construction projects

  • Developed business plans for many petroleum retail outlets

  • Obtained numerous development permits

  • Created financial models for a broad range of retail petroleum projects

Jim has also critically analyzed markets and stations. In addition, he has negotiated with landlords, food partners, fuel suppliers, fuel haulers, municipal officials, banks and financing companies, contractors and equipment suppliers.

“I truly enjoy solving the problems presented by the retail petroleum environment," says Jim, "from changing consumer expectations and a rapidly evolving business model, to the unique challenges of retail petroleum construction.”

"Make no mistake, the retail petroleum business is a surprisingly difficult business to navigate over the long-term.  First and foremost, no one really wants to buy your main product - customers arrive at a gas station with a chip on their shoulder.  Very few retail industries have this consumer dynamic."

"Beyond this, it has become largely unprofitable to offer gasoline without a secondary offer, the real estate is expensive and difficult to develop, the environmental risk continues to grow, and petroleum equipment, both below and above ground, has become incredibly complex and expensive."

"The evolution of the retail petroleum business continues at a considerable pace.  As a retail petroleum consultant, it is our job to help the business owner navigate their way through today's challenges while being mindful of what is coming in the future."

"Individuals and businesses that are successful in this industry have achieved their success through hard work and adaptation to an ever-changing set of challenges.  Let us apply our passionate expertise to your challenges.”


Jim Woods

Principal of Woods Consulting

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